Gamma Ray Giants

A request from Grand Duke Owen III
From Hochloch to the Gates of Hammerfall

It is the first day of the Planting month 591 CY. The winter snows are receding from the lower foothills and mountains of Geoff. Emissaries from the gnomes of the Stark Mounds, the elves and humans of Oytwood, and the eladrin of the Dim Forest, are sent to Hochloch, along with other refugees of Geoff that have gathered there.

Hochloch is currently the only city of Geoff liberated from the occupation of giants and is currently under the administrative arm of the Gran March, though Duke Owen holds his temporary seat there.

The emissaries arrive with the hopes that proposed offensives for the liberation of Geoff can be launched from their respective homelands during the upcoming warm months of the current year.

The gathered armies of the Gran March, the Duchy of Ulek, and Keoland are still recovering from the liberation of Sterich and desire another year of recuperation before mounting another offensive against the giants, while more troops can be raised in their homelands.

They agree to an offensive during the current year only if the dwarves of the White Oyt River Gorge and Hammerfall can be rallied for assistance, knowing full well that the chances of dwarven aid is minimal.

The eladrin representatives are content to wait another year. However, representatives from the half-elven residents of Preston, the gnomes of the Stark Mounds and a human paladin from Geoff take up the doomed task of rallying the dwarves.

The gnome Nyx agrees to guide the small party of half-elven brother and sister Quinaro and Alondra, and the human paladin Halsted of West Town to the dwarven necropolis at Hammerfall.

Along the way they are assailed by a band of Kobolds and a giant scorpion soon after crossing the White Oyt River. Quinaro’s pet wolf, One Fang, took the brunt of damage (dropping twice) from the scorpion’s lightning charged claws while the rest of the party handled the kobolds.

They later successfully avoid two passing earth elementals after the gnome, Nyx, is smacked by Alondra and Halsted in order to make her disappear from view.

After thirteen days of hard marching, the party arrives at the outskirts of Hammerfall, where they attempt to befriend the Rockguard Clan and rent a campsite on the edge of their shanty town for 3 gold and a bottle of Oytwood’s finest wine with the intentions of checking out the visitors quarter of Hammerfall in the morning.

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