Giants! is an old school AD & D campaign loosely set in the World of Greyhawk and based on “Against the Giants” by Gary Gygax and “The Liberation of Geoff” by Sean K. Reynolds, which have been converted to D&D4e.


In late 583 CY The Grand Duchy of Geoff and Sterich were invaded by a combination of Greenskins, Cyclopskin, Fomorians, Hill, Fire, Frost and Cloud Giants from the surrounding Barrier Peaks and Crystalmist Mountains.

By 585 CY, the re-taking of Sterich began in earnest aided by the Gnomes of the Stark Mounds and her neighbors to the east Keoland, Gran March, and the Duchy of Ulek. Sterich was free by the year 588 CY.

In the three years since, the liberation of Geoff has somewhat stalled since the recapturing of Hochloch in late 590 CY.

It is the year 591 CY and we find our heroes dispatched by Duke Owen to gain assistance from the dwarves of the Crystalmist Mountains so that an offensive can be launched to liberate Geoff during the current year…


Gamma Ray Giants