The Grand Duchy of Geoff established over seven hundred years ago by Humans was the ancestral homeland to Dwarves, Eladrin, and Elves who still maintain small remnant colonies there. Invaded in 583 CY by Giants who had been previously unorganized and seldom came down into the lowlands in past centuries. Occupied for the last eight years.

The Giants have been held in check by Dwarves in the southwest protecting the White Oyt River Gorge, Gnomes in the south protecting the Stark Mounds, Elves guarding the Oytwood to the southeast, the Humans of Gran March to the east and the Eladrin of the Dim Forest in the northeast.

Gorna is the former capital and seat of Grand Duke Owen III. The current capital under the self-proclaimed King Mogthrasir is located at Pest’s Crossing.

Currently, the only liberated town is Hochloch and is under the administration of Gran March.

Occupied towns include: Derelion, Gorna, Hochlove, Hornwood Town, The Lea, Midwood, Oytmeet, Pest’s Crossing, Pregmere, Preston, Tika Town, and West Town.


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