Joten Pass

An interlinking pass of high vales, tunnels and several bridges once crossed though the Crystalmist Mountains at the spur of the Joten Mountains. It’s major purpose was to connect the southwestern corner of Sterich with the northwest corner of Yeomanry.

Destroyed over five hundred years ago when the majority of Dwarves migrated out of the area as a result of war to protect Yeomanry and Sterich from being constantly overrun by invaders in the mountains.

As a result, the local growth and economies of both western Yeomanry and Sterich collapsed and never recovered.

According to rumors, rebellious Greenskins no longer wishing to serve their Giant master’s in Geoff and repelled by humans in Sterich have been attempting to establish a portal link to re-open the pass for possible Greenskin invasion of Yeomanry independent of the Giants control.

Joten Pass

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